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Mar 1, 2014 6:00pm EST
't been there but 22 years or something like that. >> guest: right. c-span: larry king started it all in 1978 on a national basis that's not discussed in your book and i wonder--that's a community. we all--we have all formed communities where people are involved, albeit in--in many cases, alone. >> guest: sure. c-span: but they're talking to a community. what im--wh--what impact has that had on this, you know--and is the water cooler thing better for us as a country or worse for us, that we all watch the same thing and talk about it the next day? >> guest: well, if we actually did talk about it with people we--we--in a--in a face-to-face setting in which we really know one another, it would be fine. i don't see anything--there's anyt--you know, nothing bad about talking about "survivor" anymore than talking about the--you know, the local bond issue or whatever else you talk about with friends. i do think the face-to-face connections are really important; that is, i don't doubt for a second that--i know this from my own experience that your viewers feel that they have a kind of a perso
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1